TREATMENT OF APPENDICITIS

               we can say once appendicitis always appendicectomy there no medical treatment for acute appendicitis so never describe medical treatment for acute appendicitis because this can lead to  a major complication and u transfer the case from simple appendicectomy  done within minutes to right hemicolectomy which may be fatal  so be serious please this is the patient life and u deal with human being also never describe any analgesic in patient with acute abdomen like appendicitis

because you will be  misleading the diagnosis and the patient felt pain relived but the causes still present as as simple appendicitis turn to perforated appendicitis and the patient do not feel pain so please be wise when

u deal with like cases if you want to give medical treatment you  can five intravenous fluid to rest gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and give prophylactic antibiotic and drug cover anaerobic bacteria  like metronidazole  and how treat their complications first appendicular mass treatment by conservative treatment by rest in bed in semi sitting position even if ruptured happened it become in the pelvis and not diffuse in all abdomen then good antibiotic covering grame postive and grame negative bactria also covering anaerobic  bacteria  make chart for follow up temperature  blood pressure pulse rate when these are stable we complete conservative treatment and wait up to 2-3 months untill inflammation become subsided and we can interfere  but if there increase in the temperature or raising pulse rate that mean it start to make complication like appendicular abscess  so need for drainage treatment of appendicular perforation either localized like abscess formation or become diffuse make peritonitis which are  treated by  drainage the abscess and appendicectomy and washing 


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