Management of obesity

Management of obesity
 management of obesity

Can be classified into  medical and surgical treatment when we used surgery in obesity? that after1- failure of all medical treatment which  will describe it on details  latter and also when 2- body mass index (BMI ) more than 40 because in these cases obesity threatening the life and can causes major problems

 Medical treatment

There are many regimen which if we followed it we can obtained a good results like 1- diaterd treatment the aim of that to loss you weight in slow and steady mannar about half to one kilogram per week by intake of low colories foods such foods containing low energy density so provides the body by low caloris like fruits vegetables carbohydrates and whole grain in contrast to foods which containing high calories density like fat and candies so try to ovoid its also salt can lead to water retention in the body and increase body gain so try to limited it in u feeding also sugar you can eat fish twice per week and also small amount of lean meats beans and lentils eat more salat vegetables and fruits many time per day to overcome you hungary and in the same time don not containing high calories  2-activity and exercises that is very important point to decrease body wight because these lead to increase consumes of the energy which lead to decrease fat from the body by consuming it you don not need to do hard exercise just walking everyday for at least one hour that is good you can doing any type of sporting you like it just for half hour per day enough 3- change your behavior like don not eat and you in front of television 4-anorectic drugs aim from these drugs is to suppressing the appetite and inhibition of lipid synsthesis and others traps the fat and prevent it is absorption these drugs like fenfluramine diethypropion which it is sympathomimetic and also used as anoretic

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