Causes and measurements of obesity

Causes and measurements of obesity


   Obesity  means 20% or more increase body weight more than normal due to excessive fat deposition in the subcutaneous and deep tissues due to increase activity of fat cells and increase it number obesity can be assessed by the thickness of the skin folds measured by special instruments as 1- lateral aspect of arm =0.9-1.1cm 2- abdomen =1-1.5cm buttocks =1.5-2.5 cm when we can say that person obese or no by method of body mass index (BMI) when become more than 30kg|m squared  BMI=WT in kg /HI in m squared so according to BMI  it can be classified the obesity as BMI=18-20 that is normal BMI=25-30 means overweight BMI more than 30 called obese and BMI over than 50 called super obese what are the problem

related to obesity there are many problem associated with obesity which can be classified to two big categories first life

 Threatening problem

 Which can lead to increase the risk of cancer breast uterus and so on and also cardiac problem like ischemic heart disease and hypertension also can  causes hypoventilation or sleep apnea syndrome  and increase risk of pulmonary embolism due to increase venous stasis and hypercoagulability secondly

Non life threatening problem

Like increase risk of gall bladder stone and cholecystitis all hemias varicose veins osteoarthritis and fractures chronic back pain renal stones stress incontinence skin infections sex hormones imbalance pseudotumour cerebi increase intra abdominal pressure psychological and social problems and
make difficulty in diagnosis

 Obesity can be classified to

 exogenous obesity

 endogenous obesity

Exogenous obesity
 This is the commonest form of obesity and it is often hereditary depending on the number and size of fat cells

 Endogenous obesity
 Causes either 1- endocrinal causes as 1- hypothyroidism lead to weight gain rather than obesity 2- hypogonadism lead to obesity with hot flushes and sweating in female 3- hypopituitarism and hypothalamic as in (froehlich,s syndrome and laurance moon biedle syndrome) 4- cushing,s syndrome moon face buffalo hump trunckal obesity it considered fat distribution rather than obesity other rare causes are encephalitis which rarely obesity follow it possibly the inflammatory process destroying the hypothalamus statiety centers

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