what are the risk factors of cancer breast

Including the following

 Family history

 women with a family history of breast cancer in a first or second degree relative are at increased risk for developing the disease the risk increase up to 1.5 - 3 times if a mother or sister has the disease
parity and age at menarche

  At first birth parity and age at first birth are other endogeous hormonal factors that influence breast cancer risk nalliparous women are at a greater risk for breast cancer with women whose first pregnancy occurs after age 30 having a twofold to fivefold increase in breast cancer risk compared with women having a first term pregnancy before age 18 0r 19

 Age at menarche age at menarche and the establishment of regular ovulatory cycles seem to be strongly associated with breast cancer Risk it is suggested that 20%decrease in breast cancer risk exists for each year that menarche is
delayed so early menarche increase risk factor

 The age specific incidence curve of female breast cancer suggest that the menopause has a protective effect so delayed menopause increase risk factor

Age incidence

Increase with age and has peak incidence at 45-55 years and 65-75 years it is very rare before 20 years

 Breast feeding
 The relation between breast feeding and beast cancer has been examined in many studies some have reported no association and others a reduced risk so it is common in nullipara( married with no child ) or virgin or non lactating and non  pregnant

postmenopausal hormone therapy and oral contraceptives pills
Are increase risk of breast cancer
 Benign breast lesions 

Like fibroadenosis (massive epithelosis and atypia of cells), cystosarcoma phylloids , duct papilloma ,paget disease breast irradiation diffuse breast hypertrophy all are predisposing factors

 Geographic distribution

Common in western Europe and USA while low rate among Asiatic people (hight oils and fats increase the risk

Other breast cancer increase 6 times risk

 As prolonged use of reserpine

Radiation exposure

 As for treatment of cancer opposite side or due to exposure to nuclear war or medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are also increase the risk of breast cancer
Body size 

As obesity increase the risk
Relation to other disease 

As bilharziasis, endometrail carcinoma ,cancer colon ,immunodeficient patient and previous breast diseases

Causes of breast cancer see here

Treatment of breast cancer see here


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