Medical treatment or Surgical treatment

Medical treatment

 as 1- 5- aminosalicylic acid - containing preparations may be of benefit , colitis responds better than small bowel disease however there are no proven benefits in reducing recurrence following resection 2- antibiotics particularly metronidazole and ciprofloxacin are effective though three months may need to be given 3- steroids are used in acute episodes though there is little to suggest that maintenance
treatment with steroids prevents recurrence 4- immunosuppression with azathioprine may be successful in severe disease particularly in combination with steroids
 Surgical treatment

Small bowel
The principle of surgery in small bowel crohn,s disease is to conserve as much bowel as possible . stricturopasty is perferred to resection and if resection is necessary then limited resection is performed if fistula becomes unmanageable the affected segment may need to be removed intraabdominal abscess must be drained


Should symptoms persist in crohn,s colitis despite maximal medical treatment the colon may be defunctioned by the formation of a split or loop ileostomy this has been shown to improve colonic inflammation a subtotal colectomy with a permanent right iliac fossa end ileostomy may however becomes necessary of an ileoanal pouch


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